I’m Kimberly…career woman, educated, Christian, a leader, and for the most part, a woman who is familiar with the joys as well as the disappointments of possibly never being married. When I thought about starting a blog, I asked my friends for their suggestions for me.  Most mentioned singleness because I’ve walked this road for such a long time. They also felt that I had a good attitude toward it. Honestly, I wasn’t too sold on the idea and it took me a whole year again to decide on this. Here I am …writing about my journey of singleness.  Talk about going full circle.

Now you’re wondering ‘why Petals Bloom’.  To me, when I think of a flower, I think of beauty and that describes every woman. A single petal of a flower speaks of singleness. I want single beautiful women to know that marriage is not the ultimate goal for us.  You too can live fulfilled lives and bloom where you are planted. You haven’t gotten the short end of the stick. It is a blessed and significant gift that should not be squandered. But rather a gift to be nurtured to release blessings to the world.

With love,