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8 Essential Beauty Tools for the Do-It-Yourself Woman

Before we talk about the 8 essential beauty tools, are you a do-it-yourself woman?

Choose the personality that best describes you:

(A) ‘Live Lavishly Lorie’

You’d rather pay any sum of money to be pampered by a beautician. It’s a time to relax, de-stress and tell the beautician all your problems (or listen to hers). Your salon visits are absolutely therapeutic and an essential part of your self-care.


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(B) ‘Miserly Mary’

You’d rather do your own beauty treatments because you’ll save money in the long-term. For you, you have the money but the expense is certainly not worth it. You’d rather save money by doing your own regimens. You could easily find a million and one other uses for that money.

(C) ‘Perfectionist Penny’

You have a tendency to scrutinize every nail, every hair strand, and every inch of your skin during and after every visit to the various beauticians. You’re usually not satisfied. You think, ‘if I had done my own hair or nails or feet, I would have done a better job.  Drive-others-crazy perfectionist is an apt description for you!

(D) ‘Bare-Bones Budget Betty’

The budget is limited these days. You really cannot afford the exorbitant prices beauticians charge. However, you still want to look your best, so you need to find a way to do your own regimens. As a result, you spend hours watching YouTube’s free tutorials to teach yourself the tips and tricks of beauty regimens.

(E) ‘Gifted Gina’

You love tapping into your creative side by doing your own hair, nails, facials, and the like. You devote several hours per week to give yourself some self-love. For you, this is no chore. You actually look forward to beautifying yourself. You could even start your own YouTube channel!

To which one or ones can you relate best? I’m a combination of ‘Miserly Mary’, ‘Perfectionist Penny’, ‘Bare-Bones Budget Betty’ and ‘Gifted Gina’. Now you can understand why I’m a true do-it-yourself woman.

The Right Tools

Like in any trade, a serious tradesman (or woman) invests in the right tools to make the job easy, quick and even fun.  Beauty treatments are no different. As such, I love investing in beauty tools that are essential to my beauty routines.

Here are eight essential tools for the Do-It-Yourself woman (like me!):

Beauty Tool 1: An electronic heat cap

My mother introduced this tool to me when I was a teenager. It has become one of my favorite beauty tools. I wash my hair weekly and use a heat cap. I recommend the Milliard Professional Hair Conditioning Heat Cap.

Benefits of using Milliard Professional Heat Cap:
  • It moisturizes your hair and scalp. If your hair is prone to dryness like curly or kinky hair types, then is an essential tool for you.
  • It rejuvenates damaged hair, especially damage due to chemical processing, environmental damage (like from the sun), heat damage (from flat irons), hair bleaching, and hair dyeing.
  • It helps your deep conditioner to be absorbed and therefore, conditioner the hair.
How to use an electronic heat cap:

1) Wash the hair with shampoo or a conditioner (co-wash) if that suits you.

2) Apply a deep conditioner (a store-bought conditioner or a homemade one).

3) Cover your hair completely with a plastic bag or shower cap.

4) Plug in your heat cap and choose a temperature that you can tolerate.

5) Use plastic ear protection covers or toilet paper or tissue to protect your ears from the heat.

6) Set your timer for 30 minutes (or according to the product instructions).

7) Read a good book that will develop you. Your body, mind and soul can be nurtured at the same time.

8) After the 30 minutes (or another specified time) expires, remove the heat cap. However, I always unplug it but leave on the heat cap until it cools completely.

9) Rinse out the deep conditioner with warm water and then rinse with cool water.

If you do this weekly, your hair will become healthier. Healthy hair always adds to a woman’s beauty.

Beauty Tool 2: Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush

Our faces tend to attract dirt and it needs to be cleaned deeply. For those of you who wear makeup regularly, this will also help to remove your makeup completely.

Benefits of using a Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush:
  • It gently removes impurities like dirt and makeup.
  • The brush cleans better than your hands would.
  • It prepares the skin for the absorption of your overnight creams, moisturizers or serums.
  • Its water-proof structure is great.
  • With one charge, you have one hundred minutes of use. If you use it nightly (like myself), then your Clarisonic Mia would give you over 3 months of use on a single charge.
How to use your Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush:

1) Wet your face.

2) Apply your cleanser. I would recommended a cream cleaner for this process because a light foam cleanser will be splashing all over the place. I’ve tried it. I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia.

3) Follow the instruction manual. The face is divided into 4 areas and you move from one area to the next when you hear a specific signal from the device.

4) Rinse your face well to remove the cleanser.

5) Place your Clarisonic in a place where the brush bristles can dry properly.you don’t want to add bacteria to your regimen.

You just cannot go wrong with this deep pore cleansing brush. I’ve had mine for over two years and it has proven to be a good investment for my skin. I have even used it on my back, shoulders and upper arms.

Beauty Tool 3: Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

When I massage my scalp with my shampoo brush, my scalp feels so tingly and oh so clean. In the near future, I will be upgrading to the Vitagoods scalp massaging brush.

Benefits of using Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush:
  • It releases the dirt and impurities (even dandruff) on your scalp better than your fingers.
  • It removes the product buildup from your scalp which can make your scalp itchy.
  • The massage itself is therapeutic. Your scalp will feel clean and tingly.
  • It relaxes you. When you feel stressed, you can try massaging your scalp without the wash routine.
  • It exfoliates your scalp and removes dead skin cells.
  • It may even aid in growing and thickening your hair.

How to use your Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush:

1) Apply water to your entire hair.

2) Apply shampoo and lather gently without knotting your hair.

3) If you have tight curls or kinky curly hair, you need to add another step like placing your hair into small braids. Otherwise, you can add up with a knotty mess. That has happened to me!

4) Use your shampoo brush throughout your hair, section by section until your entire scalp has been massaged.

5) Rinse the shampoo thoroughly from your hair.

Beauty Tool 4: Facial Steamer

A professional aesthetician always applies steam to your face. You can steam your own face regularly by investing in a Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer.

Benefits of using a Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer:
  • It moisturises your skin gets.
  • Your pores become opened to purge your skin from dirt, makeup and other impurities.
  • It helps to combat acne.
  • As an added bonus, it can clear your blocked nasal passage.
  • It helps to reduce stress by relaxing you.
How to use a facial steamer:

1) Cleanse your face.

2) Add filtered or distilled water to the steamer.

3) Turn on and steam your face.

4) At this point, you can apply a facial mask and continue the remaining steps of your facial routine.

Beauty Tool 5: Electric shaver

If you’re not one of those hairless ladies, you probably go through the extra beauty step of shaving your legs, armpits and bikini areas. For the do-it-yourself woman, you can remove those hairs using a depilatory cream, a regular razor, an electric shaver, or an epilator. I would recommend an electric shaver like the Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women for your legs, arms and bikini areas.

Benefits of using the Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women:
  • It’s quick and easy.
  • It works on wet or dry skin.
  • It’s less painful than waxing or an epilator and more efficient than a regular razor.
  • It’s great for sensitive skin.
  • It’ll give you a close shave which is what you want.
How to use an electric shaver:

1) After taking a shower, apply shaving cream to the areas to be shaved.

2) Use the electric shaver to remove the hair.

3) Rinse your skin to remove the shaving cream residue and broken hairs.

4) Rinse the electric shaver to remove stuck hairs and shaving cream.

Beauty Tool 6: Electric Foot File

Have you ever been to a shoe store to try on shoes and just then, you realized that you haven’t given much attention to your feet in weeks or months? You quickly slip off your shoe and insert the new pair so that no one can see your unsightly feet.

To prevent this re-occurrence, it’s a good practice to dedicate time daily or weekly to caring for your feet especially your heels. Investing in the Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File will quickly and easily complete your foot care regimen.

Benefits of using Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File:
  • It’s super quick.
  • Your feet will become smooth like a baby’s.
  • It will easily get rid of cracked heels and dry rough calloused skin.
  • It can be used on wet or dry feet.
  • It’s safe to use in the shower.
How to use Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File:

1) Ensure that the unit is charged.

2) Turn on the unit and move the device along the heel until the heel is smoothed. If you have thin skin on your heel, it is best to proceed gently and with caution.

3) Remove any ‘dust’ with a moistened tissue or with water if you’re in the shower or bath.

4) Moisturize the area.

Beauty Tool 7: Hair Dryer

When you’re a busy career woman, washing your hair may happen late at nights. Instead of going to bed with wet hair, it’s always good to have a hair dryer at hand. Also, it’s useful for women who live in colder climates.

Benefits of using the Revlon hair dryer:
  • It dries your hair fast when you don’t have time to air dry your hair or the weather is too cold to air dry wet hair.
  • It has a cold shot. (I prefer to dry my hair without heat.)
  • It is good for stretching or shrinking your crocs shoes! Lol
How to use the Revlon Hair Dryer:

1) Choose a settling.

2) Dry your hair by moving the dryer all over.

Beauty Tool 8: Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager

We all know that a professional body massage is quite pricey. It’s near impossible to perform a proper massage on our own backs and necks so you need some help. For your home spa, you can invest in a Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager.

Benefits of using the Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager:
  • It relaxes you and removes muscle tension.
  • The heating function promotes blood circulation.
  • It’s portable. You can use it in your home or car or take it with you to work.
  • It helps to relieve you of back pain and stress.
How to use the Zyllion Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager:

1) Strap device unto the chair.

2) Since heat is used, it is advisable to place a towel or blanket between you and the massager.

3) Turn on and enjoy your neck and back massage.

Please ensure that you read and follow the instruction manual for all the tools that you acquire. Ignorance is not bliss!

If you can’t afford any of those beauty tools at the moment, check out ‘Beauty on a Budget | 8 Money-Saving Tools’. Another article that might interest you is ‘Beauty in a Minute | 8 Quick Tips’.

There you have it, ladies! Eight essential beauty tools worthy of your time and money – heat cap, cleansing brush, shampoo brush, facial steamer, electric shaver, foot file, hair dryer, and a neck and back massager.

I really love gadgets. One of my friends used to call me ‘Sister Gadgets’. Lol

Which personality best describes you – ‘Live Lavishly Lorie’, ‘Miserly Mary’, ‘Perfectionist Penny’, ‘Bare-Bones Budget Betty’ and/or ‘Gifted Gina’? What beauty tools or gadgets have you used in your own home spa? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below.

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